About Me

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my website!

So a little bit about myself – My name is Jason and I’ve always been kind of a “tech” guy. Before I had kids, I was always spending money on the latest and greatest gadgets (oh how I miss the gadgets lol), and I would often get them and do a nice little review on them. Well, after I had kids my focus went from “me” to “them” and I started to want THEM to have the latest and greatest gadgets.

This is how this website was born! I think everyone can agree – in this age of online shopping, conventional “word of mouth” advertising and reviews are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Amazon was the first to really pilot the whole “online reviews” platform where people could go and share their opinions about a product and now you see it all over the place. Well – the thing about those, is that most of them don’t really go into detail – I want to be the “stroller king” – if it has 3 or 4 wheels and carries a baby – I’m getting it and reviewing it 🙂

So – I think that should do – if you are looking for some kind of stroller – you might find the review on it here on my blog! Also – my wife sometimes writes reviews also – so if it seems like I’m talking as if I’m a female – it’s probably my wife who wrote the review.