The Best Chicco Liteway Stroller Review On The Web

I recently posted my unbiased review of a competitive baby stroller and found a surprising message in my inbox from Chicco. Apparantly they loved my in-dept review, and asked if I would consider a review for the Chicco Liteway Stroller if they sent one to me for the month to try. I explained that in exchange my review would have to be unbiased. Three days later I have the box on my living room floor and I am putting it together. This is not my first child nor my first stroller assembly, so for me I was able to get it up and running in under 20 minutes. If this was your first baby stroller, you should be able to knock it out in under a half hour.

The box itself makes some great claims about why the Chicco Liteway Stroller will be the last baby carriage you will ever need. So I decided for this review to look at each of those claims and let you see it from the perspective of a mom with a baby, not just some well-dressed marketing executive who has a vast library of synonyms to use in describing his own product. Out of the box, I have to admit the pieces of this stroller were well-made. Each piece locked into place perfectly, there were no flimsy connecting points or parts that appeared to me like they were low-grade. As I was putting it together, I was already confident this stroller would be able to handle the chores I had lined up.

Now that I had the Chicco Liteway Stroller in front of me, I noticed a few things before we even hit the road. Lifting it up, it is very lightweight. The seat for the baby can fully recline, and will securely hold a newborn quite easily. The folding mechanism is easy to operate, took me seconds to go from open stroller to carry position. I have to admit that I still can not believe how compact the stroller is when folded, it feels like I am carrying a small briefcase when I grab the handle and lift it off the ground. You will have little trouble carrying the stroller with one hand when you are on the move.

If you have a newborn and are concerned about the stroller being too big for the baby, don’t worry. The built-in boot feature works like a little papoose. When we arrived at the park, my neighbor put her newborn in the stroller to see how she fit. To her amazement, the baby was comfortably cradled in the boot, and she fell asleep in that position minutes later. The seat fully reclines so you can tuck the babies feet in the boot and let her drift off comfortably to sleep. I saw it with my own eyes, so this feature is definitely working as advertised.

The Chicco Liteway Stroller does claim to have several seating positions. In addition to the full recline that is perfect for infants, I easily adjusted the seating position so my little girl was leaning back all the way to fully upright. The adjusting mechanism is simple to operate, and once you do it a couple times you will already be a pro at it. On my way around the park my little one was drifting off to sleep while in the upright position, so I adjusted the setting slowly to full recline and she never even realized what I had done. This is a huge plus, you won’t wake the baby making changes to her chair position.

My favorite feature by far is the easy folding process. I really give my strollers a full workout. We go from house to car, car to mall, mall to park, park to parents house, and then rinse repeat all week. The carry handle on the side of the baby stroller is positioned so it balances perfectly in one hand. I can actually carry the baby in one arm and hold the stroller in the other with little effort. For those parents who are on the road with vacations, using public transportation, or always on the go, you will appreciate the light weight and the ability to store the stroller in the smallest of spaces.

Now we get to talk about the ride of the Chicco Liteway Stroller. The path to my park is a unique combination of paved roads, sidewalks, gravel, and grassy paths. I think it is safe to assume I got all the terrains covered when it comes to reviewing the ride. On the sidewalk and paved roads, the stroller performs as expected. I can push the baby stroller easily with one hand, and the front swivel wheels allow me to precisely maneuver around any potential obstacles in our way or get around other parents in a crowded pathway. Once we got to the gravel and grass, the stroller did better than I expected. The larger wheels made short work of difficult terrain and I didn’t need extra effort to move along easily.

Under the baby stroller is a large enough storage basket to hold just about everything you will need for your journey. My handbag and all the baby stuff fit perfectly with room to spare. The cup holder on the side of the push handle allows me to place my coffee or water out of the way while pushing the baby. I wish my old Graco stroller had this cup holder and larger wheels, it would make a big difference. The tiny plastic solid wheels on my old stroller allow us to feel every imperfection in the walkway. The wheels on this baby stroller are bigger than you might expect, part of the reason I think the ride is so smooth.

If you take away anything from my review of the Chicco Liteway Stroller, just remember this is one of the more sturdy and durable baby strollers I have ever used. I really folded and unfolded it several dozen times in a couple weeks, I raised and lowered the seat position just as many, and still today the parts click into position like they were brand new out of the box. I think if I had gotten this baby stroller when we had our first baby that it would still function perfectly with baby number three.

Roomy, comfortable, stable, just a few of the words I would describe this stroller. In the end I have to agree with the advertising and marketing team, it definitely held up under extensive use and came through with flying colors.