Chicco Urban Stroller

I was so excited when my new Chicco Urban Stroller finally arrived at my house. I have been reading about this baby carriage for some time and I really was excited about the thought of getting out with the baby and enjoying our time. In case you saw my other stroller review, it seems the research teams at the baby stroller manufactures saw it too, and they contacted me about being a reviewer for their strollers. They said I could use it for a month, I replied I will use it but I have to give an honest and impartial review. There you have it, so when you read my review know that the carriage was only mine for 30 days, but boy did I push it to the limits, literally!

The first thing that I noticed as soon as I opened the box was this is an extremely well made baby stroller. Comparing to automobiles, this is not your mid-size, economy, or even full-size, this felt like a luxury sedan to me. I have assembled my share of strollers, and this one took me less than 20 minutes from box to driveway. If this is your first time installing a carriage, I say 30 minutes tops. I had to install the boot, canopy, wheels, frame, bumper, seat, cup holder, and seat insert. One of the cool features I found right at the start was the ease in converting from stroller to carriage and back.

We packed up the carriage and headed to the park, and one of the first things I noticed was now smooth the ride was. I didn’t feel the bumps in the pavement, rocks, twigs, or even the gravel on the walk paths in the park. It felt like we were hovering along the walkways as we moved around. Once we arrived at our favorite sitting spot in the park, I gave the brakes a good workout. I wish that these brakes were available on the Graco baby carriage I owned. The brakes on the Chicco Urban Stroller are amazing. With a touch of the foot button, all the wheels lock into place. There are no independent brakes here that you need to set one after another, one push and all wheels are locked.

So one of the features on the Chicco Urban Stroller had me scratching my head while I was installing it. The manufacturer says that one of the unique features of this baby carriage is the facts the wheels are removable. Why would you ever want to take off the wheels I thought? I didn’t really get to understand the full benefit of this feature until we packed up the stroller to head to the mall. I had folded it down and placed it in the back. It is a tight fit, especially if you have luggage or groceries packed in there. I quickly removed the wheels and it was like I doubled my storage space. When it comes down to maximizing your storage space, you will be pleasantly surprised how that little extra space really does help.

The next thing I wanted to discuss was the adjustments within the Chicco Urban Stroller. So at first I was thinking there are just too many adjustments, maybe the manufacturer did a little overkill here. It wasn’t until I took it to the park, the mall, the grocery store, my friend’s house, and then my parents, that I realized how many of those adjustments I was actually using and how easy they were with this carriage. Whether it comes to folding and unfolding the stroller, adjusting the backrest, operating the brakes, adjusting the canopy, everything was a breeze to move. The one that I received was gray, but they did include a cool bright pink color kit that allows you to transform the look in seconds. I saw they had many color kits available, so you can customize your stroller once assembled.

I assumed when I first got the Chicco Urban Stroller that it would be a pain to lift into my car. It not only is built well, it does look quite cumbersome. Amazingly it is very lightweight yet sturdy, definitely plays tricks on your eyes. As far as safety, the seat, the harness, I would give it high ratings because I own a low-end stroller that barely compares to this stroller. For you parents who are on the tall side like myself, you will appreciate the handle adjustments. I was able to play with the three different locking positions and found one that really worked well for my pushing style. Once it was locked in place, it felt like I was pushing an empty carriage, I had to do a double and triple-take to make sure I didn’t lose my mind and leave the house alone.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the riding modes. The Chicco Urban Stroller has six different ways you can set up the stroller. At first I thought I only needed one, who could possibly use all six? I tried them and I have to admit some were suited for situations better than others. The first was so the baby is facing me as I walk, the second utilized the car seat on top with baby facing me. Next, it goes from a carriage to a stroller, with the child either facing in or facing out. Lastly, the carriage has baby facing out with or without car seat. So now when finicky baby wants to see mommy when we walk, a few quick clicks and off we go. Great for hitting the supermarket for a few items or hitting the park for a few hours.

My overall impression at first was overkill, then I tried everything and now wonder how can I ever go without some of these cool features. Once you start using the Chicco Urban Stroller, you are quickly going to love it and you will never be able to go down a level in strollers from here! When it comes to my reviews, it is always about the baby first, not my comfort. The Chicco Urban Stroller provides a smooth ride for your baby, plenty of comfortable settings for her, and the ability for her to see the world or stare at mommy while we walk.