A Real Mom’s Cosatto Supa Stroller Review

Lightweight Stoller

My take on the cost of the stroller…

Lightweight Stoller
If you are turned off by the “pixel” colors – there are other colors available that are a little more toned down.

I wanted to give my review of the Cosatto Supa Stroller and help others who might be on the fence in buying a new baby carriage. The first thing that I wanted to address is that this is not a cheap baby stroller. But I wanted to share my experience when it comes to pricing the stroller. I went with a cheaper brand a few months back because my husband and I were trying to watch our costs and save where we could. Within a few weeks of using it, the recline feature broke, the adjustable supports didn’t lock, and the umbrella attachment would never stay in place.

So the saying you get what you paid for is definitely the case with a baby stroller – especially if you plan on using it a lot. Lay out the money once for the Cosatto Supa Stroller now, it could be the last stroller you ever buy. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of my review.

What Is the Supa Stroller Warranty Like?

I have three children and have seen my way around baby strollers over the past decade. I have purchased some low-end strollers that worked for a year or two, then some higher end Graco models that were a little more costly with more features, and now this higher-end stroller that has all the bells and whistles a new Mom will need. This baby stroller has all the features many basic strollers simply do not have. I really gave my stroller a serious workout, taking it to the park every day for my morning exercise and so the baby could get up and out of the house. If anyone has pushed the carriage to the limit, it was me. Luckily, it does come with a 1 year warranty on all parts, in case you push it harder than me, although I don’t think that could be possible. I never had one issue in the first year so I never used the warranty.

Cosatto Supa Stroller Perks and Features

So what separates the Cosatto Supa Stroller from all the other strollers I have owned over the years? Supa FeaturesFor one thing, it is extremely light, and that is important if you are hauling it back and forth to the mall, park, or parents house. The stroller is built to last, and you can feel how sturdy it was designed when you open it up and place the baby inside. It cradles your child like the car seat securely holds them in your vehicle. One of the features that I really appreciated that doesn’t get mentioned in other stroller reviews that I’ve read, when folded it will easily stand up all by itself. This is a great feature in a crowded space where everyone is folding up their strollers and lying them on the ground, yours can stand up without issue.

The baby stroller has a bundle feature that is perfect for keeping your child safe and warm when the winds of winter arrive and you still want to be able to get the baby outside. While I was freezing on our trip to the park, she was tucked inside laughing and smiling at the dogs playing in the snow. This is a feature I would have loved on the old Graco strollers I bought over the years. I remember having to wrap the baby in 4 blankets and still she escaped by the time we got to the park. I wish that bundle was available a decade ago. One other thing, the colors, they are vibrant, unique, and they stand out in a crowd. My friends can see me and the baby coming from a mile away when we are walking the path at the park.

Stroller Side ViewSo my favorite feature of the Cosatto Supa Stroller is the handle extensions. Looking back at all the baby strollers I have owned over the years, I remember that being a taller girl meant I had to hunch down to grab the handles when we went for our daily walk. Those days are over and I could not be happier. The handles extend and allow me to walk normally and reduce that fatigue in my back and neck. If you are not the perfect size woman, and who is, the handles on the Supa Stroller will adjust perfectly to your height. One other cool feature is the deeper cup holder. I know this is not a deal breaker, but I have pushed carriages that hit a tiny pebble and sent her little drink soaring. Now the drink sits deep in the holder and never comes stays put the entire time we go on our walks.

On the older baby strollers I owned, remember me talking about how inexpensive they were, well I had to purchase accessories like a rain cover to keep her dry in the event a storm crept up on us. With this baby carriage, the rain cover is included in the purchase and as far as accessories goes, it really is worth the money. The Cosatto Supa Stroller has a cool MP3 and phone connection for those who like to listen to some tunes while walking. I never thought I would see myself using this added feature, but once you try it, you will wonder how you walked all those miles without one. The carriage is a breeze to transport, hold a ton of different gear, and is built as durable as a tank. I am one of those slow walking moms, so if you are looking for a stroller you can jog with, this might not be the one for you. This stroller is built to provide baby and you comfort, bottom line.

Bottom line of this stroller review…

So my overall impression if you have not guessed is a huge two big thumbs up! I only wish they had made this design back when I had baby number one. Luckily I got to enjoy this stroller now, and you will absolutely enjoy it today, tomorrow, and maybe even when the next bundle of joy arrives in your life.

Not only will it be the best stroller you have ever owned, it will be the last stroller too. Simply fold it up when baby gets too big and it will be ready for the next child in line.

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