My Joie Nitro Stroller Review – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Let’s Start This Review!

I am occasionally contacted by stroller manufacturers and am asked to review their strollers… Let’s get this out of the way – I am completely indifferent and unbiased.  That being said, I wanted to say that this is not the Rolls Royce of baby strollers guys, this is lightweight, affordable, economy stroller. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just wanted to point out I am reviewing the carriage based on those parameters.

So for any of you parents out there looking for a great lightweight stroller or someone looking to buy an affordable gift for parents, here is my unbiased review of the Joie Nitro Stroller.

As soon as the baby stroller arrived at my home, I opened the box and was instantly impressed how simple it was to unfold. This is the perfect stroller to travel with, you can unload it out of the car and have it open and ready to go in one snap. Once I secured the baby inside, the first thing that I noticed was it was super easy to steer. For such a lightweight and economy stroller, the steering responds to the slightest touch. I am use to those big bulky heavy strollers that require a little muscle to get them to turn. This was not the case with the Joie Nitro Stroller, I loved being able to gently nudge it on any direction and see it quickly respond.

Like I said earlier, if you are like me, on the move each day, walking to the park, walking in the mall, or walking around your neighborhood every day, then this lightweight easy to fold stroller is going to be a favorite of yours very quickly. In addition to it folding easily, the reclining mechanism operates smoothly, and it is super light to lift in and out of your vehicle. I kept thinking it was going to be heavy compared to my old stroller, then was pleasantly surprised each time I lifted it to find it was as light to handle as a feather.

Now you might think that such a lightweight and economy stroller would basically be bare bones in features and safety. That is the impression I had before I opened the box just looking at the picture of the stroller on the cover. I have to admit that each time we took it for a drive, I found something else that I really enjoyed. The adjustable calf support is something that really makes the baby comfortable on long walks, and a happy baby makes for a more enjoyable stroll around the park. The parking brake works great for a lightweight stroller, something I wished the strollers we bought for baby number one had.

Like many of you parents out there, when you take the baby for a stroll, you have to be prepared for everything. That means in addition to bringing your own pocketbook, you need to haul the baby bag, diapers, formula, bottles, and even extra clothes. The large shopping basket easily held all of mine and the babies stuff during our walk. If I had only one complaint, I wish the shopping basket was just a little bit larger, but I can understand with the way it is designed that the focus is on the baby and her comfort, not on mine.

The motto of this British company is pretty straightforward, they believe everything they manufacture should be better, safer, and stronger. So those are the key parameters I used to rate the Joie Nitro Stroller. As far as better, I can attest to the fact the stroller is designed using high-quality components. I think I could really abuse this baby carriage and it would still be rolling years from now. The baby stroller is definitely versatile, going from house, to car, to park, and back with little effort on my part. Less work with a baby stroller is always a huge plus in my rating system.

This umbrella style folding stroller is compact and sturdy, a must for the parent who is always on the go. It really is lighter than putting a bag of groceries in your vehicle. Parents out there who have older children can remember what it was like to lug around those big strollers in the car even when making a quick trip to the grocery store. With the Joie Nitro Stroller, you fold, lift, drop, and go. I found I was using it for traveling to see the in-laws, hitting the park, going to the mall, and the supermarket, without even thinking twice about it being a chore anymore.

On a recent trip to the park I was pushing my baby in the Joie Nitro Stroller and holding my neighbors infant in my arms, taking turns, pushing up curbs, and even negotiating hills without any trouble at all. I remember at one point I pushed the stroller into the wet grass and anticipated having to use a little extra muscle to get it moving and it glides across the grass like it was on ice. The easy grip handles and the all-wheel suspension are quite impressive for a lightweight baby stroller.

Compared to similar baby strollers, my only other complaint with the Joie Nitro Stroller would be the baby has no protection from the elements because the hood is smaller. That being said, this is not your high-end baby carriage packed with accessories, so I have to give this issue a pass. It simply is a great way to get from A – Z with your baby. I really do have to say that the folding mechanism is the most impressive part of the carriage. When I was at the amusement park with the baby and some friends, I remember how long it took to fold up and haul my heavier stroller. With the Joie Nitro Stroller, I can swiftly collapse it, grab the carry handle, and get moving in a flash.

I wish this particular stroller was around when I had baby one. I can see how it can really make life easier for parents who are always on the move. Getting on a train, on a bus, in your vehicle, a quick click and you are off.