A Comprehensive Real Life Nuna MIXX Stroller Review

Stroller with Car Seat

My Take On The Nuna MIXX

For those of you on the fence about the Nuna MIXX Stroller, you have nothing to fear, I am going to give you a comprehensive and in-depth review of my experiences so you can make a more informed decision on your own. My review of another brand baby stroller has really gotten me some unique attention. Stroller manufactures have reached out to me about reviewing their particular models, under the agreement they send me the stroller in question and I get to really give it a complete workout for a month. Rest assured, I am still going to give an impartial review of the Nuna MIXX Stroller because my only alliance is with the moms out there spending their hard-earned money on these baby carriages.

Enough with all the formalities, based on my personal experience with this particular baby carriage, here is what I think about the Nuna MIXX Stroller.

Lets Get To The Review…

I have to say right at the start, you can tell this stroller makes use of European quality. It is built to last at every corner, yet completely versatile whether taking it to the park to get the baby to fall asleep or taking it on vacation for a week around the country. The Nuna MIXX Stroller has five different reclining positions, easy and fast folding mechanisms, and three unique traveling modes. If comfort for your baby is priority number one, then this is definitely the stroller for you.


Stroller with Car SeatOne of the features I was excited to try out was car seat accommodation system. Now I have had my share of installing car seats, and some require a degree in engineering to make work. I found that when I needed to put the Nuna MIXX Stroller in the car in either rear or parent facing mode, it literally was a few clicks and we were off to the races. The adapters for the Nuna car seats came with my kit, and I was impressed right from the start. The thing that I liked best was if you are always on the move, going from walking in the park to traveling in the car each day, the marriage of car seat and stroller is one you will absolutely enjoy.

How About For My Child?

Now it is time to focus on the baby. I have had my share of low-end baby strollers with one or two seating positions. Baby wants to sit up when I have it back, baby cries to go back when I have her up. The Nuna MIXX Stroller has five different reclining positions that snap into position using one hand. The technology is impressive, you can actually be holding the baby with one arm and setting the position of the stroller with the other. I found that my baby loved being all the way up when she was alert, and almost all the way back when she was out of gas. I wish this was a feature on older carriages, it would have really come in handy with a cranky baby.

If you have read my other reviews on baby strollers, then you know how big I am on height adjusting Stroller Side Viewarms on the baby stroller. I still feel the pain of walking with the baby for three miles in the park and getting home with a stiff neck and back because I was hunched over the shorter stroller. The Nuna MIXX Stroller has the height adjustment bars that not only accommodate my taller size, it actually was ideal for my pushing style. I like to take my time and let the stroller do the work, the angles are perfect for me. The high-quality materials used for the frame snap into position and lock in there. This is not your cheap plastic handle stroller by any means.

I would have preferred a more vibrant color, the color choices seem dull and boring to me, but hey, it’s a baby carriage not a sports car. Now lets get to the ride. I have had carriages that feel like I am pushing the baby with stone wheels on a metal wagon, this is not your parents baby stroller guys. The rear and front wheel suspension makes use of European technology that provides a smoother and comfortable ride for the baby. I no longer had to be on the lookout for every stone, bottle cap, or twig on the path that could bring the carriage to a screeching halt. The wheels glide over any small obstacles while absorbing all those bumps and keeping the baby happy and cozy.

If you had an older Graco baby stroller, then you can relate to my next concern. In those older baby strollers, once she was secure and we began our journey, I would have to keep stopping to look around to see how she was enjoying the ride. With the Nuna MIXX Stroller, they created a simple yet effective window in rear of the canopy so I can watch my little one as I am pushing her. Seems like a small thing, but you moms out there know what I am talking about when you want to catch her in the act of enjoying her ride rather than peeking around and scaring the poop out of her. So what comes with the stroller? Mine came with a large storage basket, rain cover, car seat adapter, harness pads, and oversized canopy. I would gladly spend more on a quality carriage with these extras that a cheap one that is uncomfortable for baby and having to pay extra for accessories.

Bottom Line…

Reclined Stroller Image
Reclined Image

If the baby could talk, here is what she would say. She loved the extra support in her legs while in the fully reclined position. She loved the oversized canopy that had mesh ventilation to block the sunlight while allowing that breeze to cool her face in the summer. She loved the cushioned ride, it was like riding in a cloud over any obstacles in our way. She also loved that her mom was able to fold it up in seconds, converting from the trolley to the folded position in the blink of an eye so she could have more time with mommy.

If you want quality, comfort, and safety in a baby carriage, then the Nuna MIXX Stroller is the perfect choice for you. If they came in bright pink I would have rated it even higher, but, as far as a baby stroller goes, this one certainly gets my vote for any mommy that wants the best for her baby.