The Babyzen YoYo Stroller Review

When I was contacted by Yoyo about reviewing their stroller, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. They saw my review of a competitors baby stroller and asked me if I was interested in receiving the baby stroller for a month in exchange for an unbiased review. I really put this little Yoyo Stroller to the test, so if you are on the fence or have questions about purchasing one, my review should help answer any and all of your concerns. I have a child who is still the perfect age for this particular stroller, so you should get a great idea of what you can expect when you make the purchase.

I have to admit that when the Yoyo Stroller package arrived, I was quite skeptical that this was going to be a quality baby stroller. Seriously, the box that the stroller came in was absolutely tiny. I know the picture of the stroller was on the outside of the box, but I kept waiting for another larger box to arrive with the other pieces. Once I opened the box and began to unfold the stroller did I realize everything was in this little box. This stroller really does live up to the claim that when folded it is small like no other. I have put together a few strollers in my time and this one was a breeze. Regardless your skill level, you won’t meed more than 30 minutes to have the stroller up and running.

The claim that this is the world’s first compact luxury stroller was at least half right, now it was time to take it out on the road. I decided to take the stroller to the mall, so I folded it up and I could fit it in the back on the car in a space that was a quarter of what my folded Graco stroller takes up. They are both the same size unfolded, but somehow when folded the Yoyo Stroller shrinks to one of the smallest I have ever seen. You are going to be in amazement how little the stroller becomes. I could keep it on the front seat of the car if I wanted, it really does fold up to the claims of being the smallest ever.

It seems everything about the Yoyo Stroller can be done with one hand. I was able to fold it down with one hand, carry it to the car with one hand, then unfold it with one hand. The baby sat quite comfortably in the adjustable seat, and I had more than enough room for my handbag and the baby supplies. Pushing the stroller is an absolute dream. The front swivel wheels respond to the slightest touch. I was able to maneuver around the mall effortlessly with one hand. The baby was safely locked in the seat with a five point harness that was very comfortable for her. The stroller glides along smooth surfaces, so it was time to ramp things up.

Next we headed to the park. Again folding and unfolding the Yoyo Stroller is a dream. We hit the gravel pathway, the bumpy sidewalks, and I even pushed the stroller through some wet grass to get to our favorite shade tree. The transition from bumpy gravel to wet grass was seamless. I’m not sure if it is a combination of the wheels and design, but I didn’t have to exert any extra effort pushing on those terrains than I did in the mall. Now you might think with a small lightweight stroller that it is going to be lacking in some features. I have to admit I thought the same, because I have reviewed strollers that barely have a hood that covers her head. The Yoyo Stroller came with a decent size hood that actually kept the sun off her head the entire time we were at the park.

Although the Yoyo Stroller is marketed as lightweight, don’t let that term fool you. The little things in this stroller are what make it such a pleasure to use with the baby. I love the tiny window that allows me to keep a close eye on the baby while we journey through our day. The headrest even has a tiny opening to allow airflow in to keep her cool on those steamy days. I have to keep going back to the point that this stroller really does glide effortlessly on just about every terrain. Even going up and down curbs, I was able to use one hand and change directions on a dime. The parking brake works great, it locks the stroller into place with one push of your foot and unlocks the same way.

The biggest appeal of the Yoyo Stroller is the size after folding. I have had people standing in amazement asking me where I bought the stroller after I folded it down. Not only does it take me seconds to completely collapse the stroller, it seems impossible that it gets this tiny. The manufacturer makes use of every single inch of space as the stroller collapses in itself. If you are a parent on the move, this is the baby stroller for you. It will easily fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane, under your seat on the bus, or next to you while riding the train. For parents who visit amusement parks frequently, the stroller can be stored in a locker too.

When I folded the Yoyo Stroller, picking it up and carrying it seems impossible. I still think it somehow gets lighter when folded although I know that this can not be. If you have back issues or difficulty lifting heavy items, you will have no trouble moving the baby stroller. Once folded, the stroller hooks easily from each side and slides into a travel pouch that is included with the stroller. Even at night when I take the bumpy road to the park with baby and stroller, she falls asleep halfway there because of the way the stroller glides along the walkway. I am a huge fan of the hot pink color too in the canopy and seat cushion.

If you are in the market for a lightweight baby stroller, the Yoyo Stroller lives up to the hype. Exceptionally well-made, durable, safe, lightweight, fashionable, and simple to operate. What else more can you need in a baby stroller?