The Pockit Stroller Reviewed

When I found out that I was going to be given a free Pockit Stroller in exchange to post one of my unbiased reviews, I jumped at the opportunity. Apparently the team at Pockit read my review on another baby stroller and decided to reach out to see if I would be interested. Even though I have to return the stroller after 30 days, I jumped at this chance to get a first-hand look for myself. I have to admit when the package arrived UPS, I thought they sent me the wrong baby stroller. The box was way too small, so I opened it and got to work assembling it.

Right out of the box I have to admit I was giggling to myself at how this really big and sturdy stroller fit comfortably inside this little box. It got me thinking, if it could fold up quickly to this size, it would be perfect for traveling on a plane, bus, any type of public transportation. I actually put it to the test on a recent family vacation we took to Sesame Place. Before we went inside to see the Elmo show, we decided to rent a locker to put away all our souvenirs. If you can believe it, I folded the stroller and it fit inside the locker comfortably. No more worrying about the stroller disappearing when a parent mistakes mine for theirs.

Getting back to the day the Pockit Stroller arrived, one of the features that really impressed me was the quick two-step folding technique. I mean in two clicks, this baby stroller goes from full-size to a tiny little package. This also allows parents to quickly go from pushing the baby carriage to carrying it in a couple seconds. Another feature that might not get much attention in the manufacture literature is stroller is completely self-standing when it is folded. When could this come in handy you ask? We hit a little curbside cafe, I folded the carriage, had it standing behind my chair and not lying on the ground where anyone could trip, and baby then sat in her booster seat.

Although first impressions are the Pockit Stroller is that it appears to be quite small, do not let that take away from the fact this carriage is extremely well-built. Unlike the little light-weight strollers I bought in the past made of plastic components that would break after a few months, everything on this baby stroller is built to last. Take a closer look at the connecting mechanisms, the hardware, you will notice the parts are expertly designed and quite durable. If I received this as a baby shower gift, I have no doubt it would last years without issue just because of the attention to detail I can see in all the parts.

It was time to take baby to the park, so down the driveway and up the hill to the park we go. No sooner did we get to the sidewalk, I noticed how easily the Pockit Stroller turns with the push on a finger. I was able to push the baby uphill, up and down the curbs, even on a gravel path, with one hand the entire time. I was actually talking on my phone and commenting I needed to hang up because we were approaching the grass path, yet when we got there, the stroller glides over top without any extra pushing effort on my part.

Once we found our favorite shade tree, I tried all the different harness positions to see if I had to make adjustments, how difficult it would be. I had zero trouble setting the different heights and loosening the fit so she wasn’t strapped down too tight. The safety belt does have comfort pads in case you do secure her too tightly she will not be uncomfortable. Don’t let the small size of the baby stroller fool you, it has all the safety features that you would expect from even the full-size baby strollers. I never had to worry about her coming loose or working her way out of her harness while pushing her around.

One of the things that I can not stop raving about is the compact size when folded. We recently went to the local community pool, and I usually just line my stroller up with all the others. We had a few incidents where strollers were disappearing, so I decided to see if I could get it in the locker. The stroller folded so small I dropped it in a grocery bag and placed it in the bottom of the locker with ease. For parents who are always on the move, whether tucking in the storage compartment or under a seat, the storing possibilities are endless. The unfolding and folding mechanism is so easy to operate that is makes this process simple and fast.

I have had my share of baby strollers, the Pockit Stroller has easily become one of my favorites. Even though it folds to such a small size, it does not compromise comfort, safety, or durability. I carry a large shopping tote with me now, so if we want to ride the bus, sit at a restaurant, or she needs me to carry her, the stroller folds up and away it goes. If you are worried about comfort for the baby, don’t! My little one fell asleep while I was pushing he in the park, she stared at the boats in the lake when we stopped, and she drifted off again when we were walking home. She was not only comfortable, she was perfectly secure in the baby stroller the entire time.

The basket under the stroller is a decent size, easily holding my pocketbook and her diaper bag. This travel stroller is one I would recommend to anyone in need of a baby stroller. The Pockit Stroller is compact, lightweight, and fully functional. In the short time I had to review the stroller, I really put it to the test and it rose to the occasion. Parents who are always on the move will appreciate the compact folding size more than others, but overall, you really can not go wrong purchasing this particular baby stroller.